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Tremor International Reports Results for the Third Quarter and Nine-Month Period Ended September 30, 2022

November 14, 2022

Generated record Q3 CTV spend which grew 45% year-over-year, and Company believes it is well-positioned for success during the 2022 FIFA World Cup through global ad monetization exclusivity on the FIFA+ app across Hisense connected TVs powered by VIDAA and its global partner ecosystem

Completed acquisition of Amobee, and investment in VIDAA, an operating system and subsidiary of Hisense, enables exclusive access to global ACR data and media in select countries, strengthening the Company’s ability to capitalize on future CTV, video, and cross-channel growth opportunities

Generated positive Adjusted EBITDA from Amobee within first three weeks of closing the acquisition, highlighting management’s proven track record of strong cost discipline

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tremor International Ltd. (AIM/NASDAQ: TRMR) (“Tremor” or the “Company”), a global leader in data-driven video and connected TV (“CTV”) advertising technology offering an end-to-end platform that enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns and media companies to maximize inventory yield, today announces its financial results for the third quarter and nine-month period ended September 30, 2022.

Financial Summary

  • Generated Q3 Contribution ex-TAC of $64.9 million compared to $76.7 million in Q3 2021, and Contribution ex-TAC of $206.7 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2022, compared to $213.4 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2021. All results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2022 include contributions from Amobee for the period from when the acquisition of Amobee closed on September 12, 2022 through September 30, 2022. Advertising demand during Q3 2022 remained impacted by challenging macroeconomic conditions, particularly as several direct-to-consumer brand customers experienced significant pressure on advertising budgets due to rising inflation.
  • Achieved Q3 Adjusted EBITDA of $30.1 million compared to $42.3 million in Q3 2021 and Adjusted EBITDA of $102.9 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2022, compared to $107.2 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2021.
  • Maintained strong margins including a 43% Adjusted EBITDA margin in Q3 2022 on a reported revenue basis, and 46% on a Contribution ex-TAC basis, and a 45% Adjusted EBITDA margin on a reported revenue basis, and 50% on a Contribution ex-TAC basis for the nine months ended September 30, 2022.
  • Continued to expand CTV market share with record Q3 CTV spend of $73.0 million, reflecting an increase of 45% compared to $50.4 million in Q3 2021, and record CTV spend of $183.9 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2022, representing an increase of 33% compared to $138.4 million in the nine months ended September 30, 2021.
  • CTV spend during the nine months ended September 30, 2022, reflected 39% of total spend and 44% of programmatic spend.
  • Video revenue, including CTV, continued to represent the overwhelming majority of Tremor’s Contribution ex-TAC at approximately 87% for Q3 2022 and 81% for the nine months ended September 30, 2022.
  • Strong $109.1 million net cash position as of September 30, 2022, following the completed acquisition of Amobee, investment in VIDAA, and completion of $75 million share repurchase program, provides ample liquidity for current business needs as well as future potential investments and initiatives. As of September 30, 2022, the Company has utilized $100 million from its secured $180 million credit facility relating to its acquisition of Amobee, including $90 million from a secured Term Loan A and $10 million from a Revolving Credit Facility. The Company had $80 million remaining on its revolving credit facility as of September 30, 2022.

“During the third quarter we executed on long-term strategic initiatives that we believe will support our future growth by completing our acquisition of Amobee and investment in VIDAA,” said Ofer Druker, Tremor International’s Chief Executive Officer. “The combination of the expanded scale, customer base, and new technological capabilities from Amobee, alongside the exclusive ability to share global ACR data, enable exclusive high quality CTV advertising opportunities, and gain access to exclusive sports content monetization opportunities through our investment in VIDAA, is expected to greatly benefit our partners and expand our market share within the CTV arena.”

Operational Highlights and Recent Business Wins

  • Completed acquisition of Amobee for $239 million, significantly expanding Tremor’s customer base, technology capabilities, and total addressable market, and unlocked stronger-than-expected cost synergies:
    • Tremor has already realized the entire initially anticipated $50 million in annualized operating cost synergies on a combined pro forma basis and successfully generated positive Adjusted EBITDA from Amobee within the first three weeks of closing the acquisition.
    • Management now expects to achieve total operating cost synergies of approximately $65 million on a combined pro forma basis following the completion of the integration.
    • The Company now expects to fully complete the technology integration by the end of 2023 with the majority of the integration expected to be fulfilled by the end of H1 2023.
    • Amobee’s DSP significantly boosts the Company’s enterprise self-service footprint and omnichannel capabilities and is complementary to Tremor Video’s DSP capabilities, enabling cross-selling opportunities to capture more overall budget from advertising customers.
    • Amobee’s Advanced TV (“ATV”) planning technology adds a new capability for Tremor to sell linear planning products to TV broadcasters, unlocking additional revenue opportunities within a significantly expanded total addressable market.
    • The combination of Amobee’s ATV technology, Tremor’s in-house SSP, and the Company’s pre-existing strength within CTV, positions the Company well for the future as many media partners have both linear and CTV footprints, leading advertisers to plan campaigns, deploy budget, and seek to understand reach, across both formats simultaneously.
  • Completed $25 million investment in VIDAA and enhanced strategic relationship with Hisense, VIDAA’s parent Company:
    • Tremor’s equity stake in VIDAA extends the Company’s exclusive agreement to share VIDAA’s automatic content recognition (“ACR”) data for global targeting and measurement across Tremor’s end-to-end platform.
    • VIDAA also granted ad monetization exclusivity in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia to the Unruly SSP and Spearad ad server.
    • VIDAA is expected to utilize the investment to support its plan to increase its distribution across additional OEMs in several key markets, which is anticipated to further increase the benefits of Tremor’s investment.
  • FIFA World Cup, investment in VIDAA, and Hisense relationship, positions Tremor to capitalize on current and future CTV revenue opportunities associated with Hisense’s sports marketing strategy:
    • Tremor’s investment in VIDAA enables exclusive ad monetization worldwide on the FIFA+ app across an anticipated reach of over 100 million Hisense smart TVs powered by VIDAA and its global partner ecosystem.
    • FIFA also granted Tremor the exclusive global right to monetize ads on its website and mobile inventory during the tournament.
    • Tremor expects additional potential future sports-related exclusive content opportunities.
  • Generated continued momentum with customers and partners across Tremor Video and Unruly:
    • Unruly added 82 new supply partners, including 33 in the US, during Q3 2022, and 232 new supply partners, including 104 in the US, during the nine months ended September 30, 2022. Supply partners were added across critical growth verticals such as sports, news, and entertainment, and several formats including online video, mobile, CTV, and OTT (“over-the-top”) apps from leading broadcast and Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (“vMVPD”) businesses.
    • Unruly CTRL, Tremor’s self-service platform for publishers, saw PMP spend increase by 268% during Q3 2022, compared to Q3 2021, and saw PMP spend increase by 414% during the nine months ended September 30, 2022, compared to the same prior year period.
    • Tremor Video added 56 new advertiser customers during Q3 2022, and 191 for the nine months ended September 30, 2022, across retail, political, and automotive verticals, as well as others.
    • Tr. ly’s customer utilization remained heavily associated with its most premium creative products both in the US and internationally. Tr. ly generated 27% more creative requests from advertisers in Q3 2022 than in Q3 2021 and 17% more creative requests over the nine months ended September 30, 2022, than the same prior year period. Tr. ly’s premium creative testing and insights product, EQ Max, saw 45% more bookings in Q3 2022 than in Q3 2021 and 22% more bookings for the nine months ended September 30, 2022, than the same prior year period.

Share Repurchase Program Updates

  • Tremor International completed its $75 million share repurchase program during Q3 2022, repurchasing 6,391,015 Ordinary shares at an average price of 388.39 pence during the quarter, which reflected a total investment of approximately £24.9 million, or $29.7 million.
  • For the entire program, the Company repurchased 13,792,485 Ordinary shares, representing approximately 9% of shares outstanding, at an average price of 437.54 pence, for a total investment of approximately £60.5 million, or $75.0 million, including fees.
  • In September 2022, the Company’s Board of Directors approved a new share repurchase program, authorizing the purchase of up to $20 million of its Ordinary shares on the AIM Market. The additional repurchase program is being financed through existing cash resources.
  • The additional $20 million share repurchase program began on October 1, 2022, and will continue until either April 1, 2023, or until it has been completed. The share repurchase program does not obligate Tremor to repurchase any particular amount of Ordinary Shares and the program may be suspended, modified, or discontinued at any time at the Company’s discretion, subject to applicable law.

Financial Guidance

  • Management believes Tremor remains well-positioned to benefit from anticipated industry secular growth trends and Company-specific catalysts including the FIFA World Cup, the completed acquisition of Amobee, and its investment in VIDAA, and that the efficiency of its end-to-end technology platform and operating model, diverse customer base, and broad range of revenue verticals should help mitigate potential negative effects of expected market headwinds and accordingly, Tremor estimates:
    • Q4 2022 Contribution ex-TAC of approximately $103 million
    • Q4 2022 Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $37 million
    • Full year 2022 Contribution ex-TAC of approximately $310 million
    • Full year 2022 Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $140 million
    • Full year 2023 Contribution ex-TAC of approximately $460 million
    • Full year 2023 Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $180 million
  • Tremor’s Q4 2022, full year 2022, and full year 2023 guidance include contributions from its acquisition of Amobee following the closing date of that acquisition and is based on the expectation there will be no major Covid-19- or other pandemic-related setbacks or significant escalation of war or other hostilities that may cause economic conditions to further deteriorate or otherwise significantly reduce advertiser demand.
  • The Company’s guidance has also taken into consideration challenging market conditions that limited advertiser activity in Q3 2022, including rising inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty, recession concerns, and widespread global supply chain issues in certain verticals such as automotive. The Company expects that these challenges could continue to have an impact on the advertising demand environment for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

Third Quarter 2022 Financial Highlights ($ in millions, except per share amounts)

   Three months ended September 30
   Nine months ended September 30
     2022     2021     %     2022     2021     % 
 IFRS highlights                       
 Non-IFRS Highlights                       
Revenues 70.9   87.0   (19%)   227.6   239.4   (5%)
Programmatic Revenues 60.1   68.9   (13%)   179.9   192.1   (6%)
Operating Profit 4.1   13.7   (70%)   33.9   50.1   (32%)
Total Comprehensive Income/(Loss) (5.2)   10.2   (151%)   6.4   46.7   (86%)
Diluted EPS (0.01)   0.07   (109%)   0.11   0.33   (66%)
Contribution ex-TAC 64.9   76.7   (15%)   206.7   213.4   (3%)
Adjusted EBITDA 30.1   42.3   (29%)   102.9   107.2   (4%)
Adjusted EBITDA Margin 46%   55%   (16%)   50%   50%   0%
Non-IFRS net Income 16.9   33.3   (49%)   65.9   83.5   (21%)
Non-IFRS Diluted EPS 0.11   0.21   (47%)   0.42   0.56   (26%)

Third Quarter and Nine Month 2022 Financial Results Webcast and Conference Call Details

  • Tremor International Third Quarter and Nine Months Ended September 30, 2022 Earnings Webcast and Conference Call
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    • Conference ID: 7216349

Use of Non-IFRS Financial Information

In addition to our IFRS results, we review certain non-IFRS financial measures to help us evaluate our business, measure our performance, identify trends affecting our business, establish budgets, measure the effectiveness of investments in our technology and development and sales and marketing, and assess our operational efficiencies. These non-IFRS measures include Contribution ex-TAC, Adjusted EBITDA, Non-IFRS Net Income (Loss) and Non-IFRS Earnings (Loss) per share, each of which is discussed below.

These non-IFRS financial measures are not intended to be considered in isolation from, as substitutes for, or as superior to, the corresponding financial measures prepared in accordance with IFRS. You are encouraged to evaluate these adjustments and review the reconciliation of these non-IFRS financial measures to their most comparable IFRS measures, and the reasons we consider them appropriate. It is important to note that the particular items we exclude from, or include in, our non-IFRS financial measures may differ from the items excluded from, or included in, similar non-IFRS financial measures used by other companies. See "Reconciliation of Revenue to Contribution ex-TAC," "Reconciliation of Net Income (Loss) to Adjusted EBITDA," and "Reconciliation of Net Income (Loss) to Non-IFRS Net income," included as part of this press release.

  • Contribution ex-TAC: Contribution ex-TAC for both Tremor International and Amobee is defined as gross profit plus depreciation and amortization attributable to cost of revenues and cost of revenues (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) minus the Performance media cost (“traffic acquisition costs” or “TAC”). Contribution ex-TAC is a supplemental measure of our financial performance that is not required by, or presented in accordance with, IFRS. Contribution ex-TAC should not be considered as an alternative to gross profit as a measure of financial performance. Contribution ex-TAC is a non-IFRS financial measure and should not be viewed in isolation. We believe Contribution ex-TAC is a useful measure in assessing the performance of Tremor International, because it facilitates a consistent comparison against our core business without considering the impact of traffic acquisition costs related to revenue reported on a gross basis.
  • Adjusted EBITDA: We define, for both Tremor International and Amobee, as total comprehensive income for the period adjusted for foreign currency translation differences for foreign operations, financing expenses, net, tax benefit, depreciation and amortization, stock-based compensation, restructuring, acquisition and IPO-related costs and other expenses (income), net. Adjusted EBITDA is included in the press release because it is a key metric used by management and our board of directors to assess our financial performance. Adjusted EBITDA is frequently used by analysts, investors and other interested parties to evaluate companies in our industry. Management believes that Adjusted EBITDA is an appropriate measure of operating performance because it eliminates the impact of expenses that do not relate directly to the performance of the underlying business.
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin: We define as Adjusted EBITDA as a percentage of Contribution ex-TAC for both Tremor International and Amobee.
  • Non-IFRS Income (Loss) and Non-IFRS Earnings (Loss) per Share: We define non-IFRS earnings (loss) per share, for both Tremor International and Amobee, as non-IFRS income (loss) divided by non-IFRS weighted-average shares outstanding. Non-IFRS income (loss) is equal to net income (loss) excluding stock-based compensation, cash and non-cash based acquisition and related expenses, including amortization of acquired intangible assets, merger related severance costs, transaction expenses. In periods in which we have non-IFRS income, non-IFRS weighted-average shares outstanding used to calculate non-IFRS earnings per share includes the impact of potentially dilutive shares. Potentially dilutive shares consist of stock options, restricted stock awards, restricted stock units and performance stock units, each computed using the treasury stock method. We believe non-IFRS earnings (loss) per share is useful to investors in evaluating our ongoing operational performance and our trends on a per share basis, and also facilitates comparison of our financial results on a per share basis with other companies, many of which present a similar non-IFRS measure. However, a potential limitation of our use of non-IFRS earnings (loss) per share is that other companies may define non-IFRS earnings (loss) per share differently, which may make comparison difficult. This measure may also exclude expenses that may have a material impact on our reported financial results. Non-IFRS earnings (loss) per share is a performance measure and should not be used as a measure of liquidity. Because of these limitations, we also consider the comparable IFRS measure of net income (loss).

The information contained within this announcement is deemed by the Company to constitute inside information as stipulated under the Market Abuse Regulations (EU) No. 596/2014 (as implemented into English law) ("MAR"). With the publication of this announcement via a Regulatory Information Service, this inside information is now considered to be in the public domain.

About Tremor International

Tremor is a global company offering an end-to-end technology advertising platform, operating across three core capabilities - Video, Data and CTV. Tremor's unique approach is centered on offering a full stack of end-to-end solutions which provides it with a major competitive advantage within the video advertising ecosystem.

Tremor Video helps advertisers deliver impactful brand stories across all screens through the power of innovative video technology combined with advanced audience data and captivating creative content. Tremor Video's innovative video advertising technology has offerings in CTV, in-stream, out-stream and in-app. To learn more, visit

Amobee optimizes outcomes for advertisers and media companies, while providing a better consumer experience. Its platform assists customers by furthering their audience development, optimizing their cross-channel performance across all TV, connected TV, and digital media, and driving new customer growth through detailed analytics and reporting. To learn more, visit

Unruly, the media side of Tremor, drives real business outcomes in multiscreen advertising. Its programmatic platform efficiently and effectively delivers performance, quality, and actionable data to demand and supply-focused clients and partners. Tremor has a meaningful number of direct integrations with premium publishers, unique demand relationships with a variety of advertisers and privileged access to News Corp inventory. Unruly connects to the world's largest DSPs and is compatible with most Ad Age top 100 brands. To learn more, visit

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Reconciliation of Net Income (Loss) to Adjusted EBITDA

     Three months ended September 30
   Nine months ended September 30
     2022     2021     %     2022     2021     % 
 ($ in thousands)                       
Net Income (Loss) (959)   11,880   (108%)   17,676   48,823   (64%)
Taxes on income 4,458   1,491       14,648   (347)    
Financial expense , net 617   312       1,610   1,623    
Depreciation and amortization 10,159   10,033       25,516   29,945    
Stock-based compensation 11,166   18,745       42,519   23,696    
Restructuring & Acquisition costs 4,685   74       5,992   508    
Other income -   -       (5,103)   -    
IPO related one-time costs -   (195)       -   2,938    
Adjusted EBITDA 30,126   42,340   (29%)   102,858   107,186   (4%)

Reconciliation of Revenue to Contribution ex-TAC

    Three months ended September 30     Nine months ended September 30
     2022    2021     %     2022    2021    % 
 ($ in thousands)                       
Revenues 70,851   87,023   (19%)   227,553   239,411   (5%)
Cost of revenues (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) (14,064)   (16,373)       (43,480)   (51,303)    
Depreciation and amortization attributable to Cost of Revenues (5,925)   (4,010)       (13,557)   (12,209)    
Gross profit (IFRS) 50,862   66,640   (24%)   170,516   175,899   (3%)
Depreciation and amortization attributable to Cost of Revenues 5,925   4,010       13,557   12,209    
Cost of revenues (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) 14,064   16,373       43,480   51,303    
Performance media cost (5,976)   (10,359)       (20,829)   (26,012)    
Contribution ex-TAC (Non-IFRS) 64,875   76,664   (15%)   206,724   213,399   (3%)

Reconciliation of Net Income (Loss) to Non-IFRS Net Income

     Three months ended September 30
  Nine months ended September 30
     2022     2021     %     2022     2021     % 
 ($ in thousands)                       
Net Income (Loss) (959)   11,880   (108%)   17,676   48,823   (64%)
Acquisition and related items, including amortization of acquired intangibles and restructuring 9,072   6,641       18,264   20,294    
Stock-based compensation expense 11,166   18,745       42,519   23,696    
IPO related one-time costs -   (195)       -   2,938    
Other Income -   -       (5,103)   -    
Tax effect of Non-GAAP adjustments (1) (2,390)   (3,793)       (7,488)   (12,235)    
Non-IFRS Income 16,889   33,278   (49%)   65,868   83,516   (21%)
Weighted average shares outstanding—diluted (in millions) (2) 153.3   159.7       156.5   147.8    
Non-IFRS diluted EPS (in USD) 0.11   0.21   (47%)   0.42   0.56   (26%)

(1) Non-IFRS income includes the estimated tax impact from the expense items reconciling between net income (loss) and non-IFRS income
(2) Non-IFRS earnings per share is computed using the same weighted-average number of shares that are used to compute IFRS earnings per share


  September 30   December 31
  2022     2021
  USD thousands
Cash and cash equivalents 211,571     367,717
Trade receivables, net 227,406     165,063
Other receivables 25,527     18,236
Current tax assets 931     981
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 465,435     551,997
Fixed assets, net 28,707     3,464
Right-of-use assets 31,130     13,955
Intangible assets, net 398,719     208,220
Deferred tax assets 20,083     24,431
Investment in shares 25,000     -
Other long-term assets 472     672
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS 504,111     250,742
TOTAL ASSETS 969,546     802,739
Liabilities and shareholders’ equity      
Current maturities of lease liabilities 15,621     7,119
Trade payables 223,621     161,812
Other payables 57,424     42,900
Current tax liabilities 4,979     8,836
Employee benefits 240     426
Long term debt 98,385     -
Other long-term liabilities 4,456     -
Long-term lease liabilities 18,441     7,876
Deferred tax liabilities 1,377     1,395
TOTAL LIABILITIES 424,544     230,364
Share capital 418     442
Share premium 403,685     437,476
Other comprehensive income (loss) (10,536 )   698
Retained earnings 151,435     133,759
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY 545,002     572,375


  Nine months ended
September 30
  Three months ended September 30
  2022     2021     2022     2021  
  USD thousands   USD thousands
Revenues 227,553     239,411     70,851     87,023  
Cost of Revenues (Exclusive of depreciation and
    amortization shown separately below)
43,480     51,303     14,064     16,373  
Research and development expenses 21,818     10,916     8,237     4,108  
Selling and marketing expenses 59,447     55,453     18,739     18,934  
General and administrative expenses 48,461     41,895     15,536     23,892  
Depreciation and amortization 25,516     29,945     10,159     10,033  
Other income, net (5,103 )   (200 )   -     -  
Total Expenses 193,619     189,312     66,735     73,340  
Operating Profit 33,934     50,099     4,116     13,683  
Financing income (1,870 )   (394 )   (843 )   (221 )
Financing expenses 3,480     2,017     1,460     533  
Financing expenses, net 1,610     1,623     617     312  
Profit before taxes on income 32,324     48,476     3,499     13,371  
Tax benefit (expenses) (14,648 )   347     (4,458 )   (1,491 )
Profit (Loss) for the period 17,676     48,823     (959 )   11,880  
Other comprehensive income (loss) items:              
Foreign currency translation differences for foreign operation (11,234 )   (2,127 )   (4,246 )   (1,634 )
Total other comprehensive income (loss) (11,234 )   (2,127 )   (4,246 )   (1,634 )
Total comprehensive income (loss) 6,442     46,696     (5,205 )   10,246  
Earnings per share              
Basic earnings (loss) per share (in USD) 0.12     0.35     (0.01 )   0.08  
Diluted earnings (loss) per share (in USD) 0.11     0.33     (0.01 )   0.07  


  USD thousands
Balance as of January 1, 2022 442     437,476     698     133,759   572,375  
Total Comprehensive income (loss) for the period                  
Profit for the period -     -     -     17,676   17,676  
Other comprehensive Income:                  
Foreign Currency Translation -     -     (11,234 )   -   (11,234 )
Total comprehensive Income (loss) for the period 442     437,476     (10,536 )   151,435   578,817  
Transactions with owners, recognized directly in equity                  
Own shares acquired (41 )   (74,959 )   -     -   (75,000 )
Share based payments -     39,109     -     -   39,109  
Exercise of share options 17     2,059     -     -   2,076  
Balance as of September 30, 2022 418     403,685     )10,536(   151,435   545,002  
Balance as of January 1, 2021                  
Total Comprehensive income (loss) for the period 380     264,831     3,330     60,472   329,013  
Profit for the period -     -     -     48,823   48,823  
Other comprehensive Income:                  
Foreign Currency Translation -     -     (2,127 )   -   (2,127 )
Total comprehensive Income (loss) for the period 380     264,831     1,203     109,295   375,709  
Transactions with owners, recognized directly in equity                  
Revaluation of liability for put option on non- controlling interests -     -     -     64   64  
Issuance of shares 47     136,111     -     -   136,158  
Own shares acquired (3 )   (6,640 )   -     -   (6,643 )
Share based payments -     25,150     -     -   25,150  
Exercise of share options 14     1,045     -     -   1,059  
Balance as of September 30, 2021 438     420,497     1,203     109,359   531,497  


  Nine months ended
 September 30
  2022     2021  
  USD thousands
Profit for the period 17,676     48,823  
Adjustments for:      
Depreciation and amortization 25,516     29,945  
Net financing expense 1,537     1,505  
Loss (gain) on leases change contracts 56     (373 )
Share-based payment 42,519     23,696  
Gain on sale of business unit -     (200 )
Tax expenses (benefit) 14,648     (347 )
Change in trade and other receivables 41,282     17,912  
Change in trade and other payables (73,315 )   1,436  
Change in employee benefits (176 )   (194 )
Income taxes received 948     2,231  
Income taxes paid (13,017 )   (2,858 )
Interest received 1,685     238  
Interest paid (298 )   (447 )
Net cash provided by operating activities 59,061     121,367  
Change in pledged deposits 1,455     (102 )
Leases Receipt 833     2,200  
Acquisition of fixed assets (1,011 )   (2,193 )
Acquisition and capitalization of intangible assets (4,869 )   (3,691 )
Acquisition of subsidiaries, net of cash acquired (199,928 )   -  
Investment in shares (25,000 )   -  
Proceeds from sale of business unit 857     275  
Net cash used in investing activities (227,663 )   (3,511 )
Acquisition of own shares (75,000 )   (6,643 )
Issuance of shares, net of issuance costs -     134,557  
Payment of call option liability -     (2,414 )
Proceeds from exercise of share options 2,076     1,059  
Receipt of long-term debt, net of debt cost 98,977     -  
Leases repayment (7,082 )   (8,106 )
Net cash provided by financing activities 18,971     118,453  
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents (149,631 )   236,309  

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