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Chris Stibbs's photo

Chris Stibbs

Non-Executive Chairperson
Tremor International Ltd.

Christopher Stibbs has served as a member of the Board of Directors since May 2019 and as Non-Executive Chairperson since September 2020. Mr. Stibbs has over 25 years of experience as an executive in the media industry. From July 2013 to August 2019, he served as Chief Executive of The Economist Group Ltd. (the “Economist Group”), a media company. Previously, he held a number of roles within the group including head of the Economist Intelligence Unit (the group’s B2B arm) and Chief Financial Officer. He is credited with overseeing the Economist Group’s resilience and transition through the unprecedented disruption experienced by the publishing industry over the last 15 years. Prior to this, he held positions with Pearson (NYSE:PSO), a publishing company and Incisive Media, a B2B information and events company. Mr. Stibbs is a fellow of the Associations of Chartered Accountants and Corporate Treasurers and currently serves as a nonexecutive director at Oxford University Press and serves as a chairman of Times Higher Education, IWSR Topco Limited and Sagacity Solutions Ltd.

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